Michael has struggled with expressing himself, especially since he lost his only confidante; his mum! This happened a few years ago but, it still hurts. Michael’s dad on the other hand had practically abandoned them way before his wife (Michael’s mother) died, so they were hardly in speaking terms.
Gnerally, Michael feels no one cares enough about him and all he gets is judgement and this has led Michael to eventually shut himself off from almost everyone and he now speaks less and less about himself or his problems.
Unfortunately, Michael had bottled up the way he felt for so long, it seemed he was going to explode. He needed some form of release and just at then, he found The One Habitat.
He booked a call and poured out his confused and troubled heart.

“I cannot even pinpoint one problem in particular.” Michael began, sounding uncertain. “But deep down I know my life is a mess.” Micheal continued. “I dropped out of the university because of financial constraints, and the worst thing is that I was able to find little jobs here and there but they were mostly temporary contract jobs and I believe this was because I was a school dropout.”
“Anyway,” Michael sighed, “I’ve not been able to secure a decent job, and its begining to look like my aspiration will never see the light of day, I wake up each day feeling like I’m growing old, too old infact to achieve the kind of life that I want.” Michael paused breathing hard at this moment.
“I have no one around to help me…” Michael continued, “I have no girl in my life. In fact, there are times I just get angry at God…” Michael broke off seemingly lost for words, before he went on “…like am I the worst sinner on earth? Truth be told, when I begin to feel this way, I start to contemplate suicide… I am just so confused.” Michael said “… help me!” Michael whispered breathing hard again.

“Okay! Take a deep breath Micheal. Remember that is why we (The One Habitat) are here for you, why you asked us to call you in the first place.”
“So first, we want to offer our sincere condolences to you about the loss of your mother.” We said, then went on; “Plus, you do understand that your Mum would not be happy if she knew you did not go on living your life to the fullest, instead, you are sad, depressed and having suicidal thoughts?”
“Michael, Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it. So please quit thinking problems and let’s think of solutions.”
We advised that he stopped feeling sorry for himself and work on not allowing his introverted nature steal the opportunity of him living life to the fullest.
“In fact its a known fact that No man is an island, you should learn to interact more with people and this will help build your confidence level.”
Regarding his educational concerns, we talked to him about free online courses he can take.
“You’re stronger than you think Micheal and you’ve got what it takes to turn your life around, so just stay strong and believe. Take every trial as a dare and prove yourself to no one but yourself.”
Michael was glad he booked the call with us and was full of appreciation.
“Thank you, The One Habitat, I really needed this, you guys are just too amazing. Once again thank you!”
The End

1 thought on “EPISODE 009: WHY ALL THIS?

  1. Kently says:

    It’s not easy out there especially for some folks like Mike who have suffered same unfortunate situation.

    But there is need to keep pushing beyond our limitations. Michael’s story reflects mine.

    NO matter how positive I try to be. I can’t deny the fact that am still behind schedule. Life is tough.


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