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The One Habitat FAQs

An organization/initiative aimed to reach out to people who are hurting, going through emotional hard times and living in silence, with their problems, in this generation. This generation is moving towards cutting out human rapport through the rapid growth in technology. People are dying in silence with no one to reach out to. The One Habitat is to fill this gap.
We receive requests from people who are hurting and need some help, counsel or a safe haven. You are encouraged to book/request a call from us while we at the other end, call to listen and hear you out without criticizing, condemning or judging anyone. Our focus is to hear you out, provide a shoulder to cry on and help you through the healing process.
Our Mission is to ensure that you have someone you can talk to; who is willing to listen whenever you want to share a story of pain or hurt without judging you. We are committed to being a listening ear to any hurting person who needs a friend.
No, it is an online interactive community. This section of the site entails most stories we receive specially to help the healing process for those who are hurting so BAD, and cannot even muster the strength to request a phone call to talk to someone.
No. This initiative is not for counselling. We offer and proffer solutions ONLY on request by the caller, and once the case requires a professional, we make a referral. We are affiliated with registered professional counselling outfits.
The One Habitat is a Non-Governmental and Non-Religious organization with the motive to reach out to people who are hurting and in need of healing. Nothing we do connotes a religious undertone but on request from any subscriber, we may link a caller to an authorized and approved religious leader from any religion or sect.
All calls will be treated as fairly as possible and would, as such, be on a first-come basis. If you miss your call- time you will be rescheduled for the next available slot by the team but it will no longer be at your convenience. Otherwise, you could go back to the website and book a fresh appointment at your convenience.
Yes, but because this is an organization and talking sensitive issues requires a calm and comfortable atmosphere, this option is highly discouraged and will require a pre-registration for membership to be eligible for this option.
No, you cannot. The option of having to choose whom to speak with is only available to a certain class of registered members and also subject to the need to speak to an expert or professional.
The full scheduled timing is available on www.The1Habitat.org on an hourly basis. The team will send you a confirmation for an appointment via any means of communication email or sms, that you provided within the time range you selected, otherwise, we will call you to reschedule. This option is not applicable to fully registered members who can call at any time and choose who they wish to speak with.
Visit www.The1Habitat.org and follow the simple instructions. You will receive a confirmation and booking for a phone call via sms or email as provided.
Yes, once you have received a confirmation after the online registration, we will call you. Only registered members can choose otherwise.
No, we do not. Your identity is very confidential and you may choose not to disclose it to us at free will. For this cause, only nick or pet names are required during registration to maintain the anonymous status.
Not with The One Habitat, charges may arise upon referrals to accredited professionals if the need arises as deemed fit by the team.
Confidentiality is a watchword for us at The One Habitat especially since our first contact with you is through a phone call. Our team includes a Legal Adviser who has intimated us on the core importance of your confidentiality and as such is obliged by law. More so, the vision carrier of The One Habitat Initiative is a registered Chaplain and understands very well that you need all the confidence to be able to confide in us. We are a duly registered non-governmental organization by law and would also do the much we can to abide to rules and regulations while ensuring to protect you. Stories that would be published will be subject to express approvals of the owners of the stories without disclosing their identity.
No! By the law, you are obliged to report any crime to the proper authorities.
Yes, you can. You are open to all the communication options as every individual is different. Any means that suits you best for healing and recovery can be explored but we would like to put a voice to a story so we may need to call you.
We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the handle @The1Habitat. Pay attention to the number within.
Yes. The website, www.The1Habitat.org link is provided for on the profile page on either social media platform.
The One Habitat will only receive or make calls to mature people above the age of 18. However, only registered members below this age will be entertained but within the age bracket provided in the registration form.
Yes! You can, only if you have booked online and have received a confirmation from us with an appointment.
An SMS will be sent to the contact number you provided in the form and also a verification through the email address provided. Your call would be only confirmed once you reply to our SMS. This confirms the number provided is a valid phone number.
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