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Have you ever felt like pouring out your heart and sadly there’s no one to listen to you? That feeling of emptiness leaves you feeling disregarded, disconnected, depressed and maybe closed out emotionally from everyone? Does it feel like there’s a gap between you and the rest of the world? We at THE ONE HABITAT […]

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Tammy let out a deep breath then started narrating her story: “I am based in Jos, the Plateau state capital. A while ago, I had to attend a programme in church (name of church withheld) in Lagos state, where I met Mike.” “Mike, is a good looking dude plus it didn’t hurt that he was […]

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Michael has struggled with expressing himself, especially since he lost his only confidante; his mum! This happened a few years ago but, it still hurts. Michael’s dad on the other hand had practically abandoned them way before his wife (Michael’s mother) died, so they were hardly in speaking terms. Gnerally, Michael feels no one cares […]

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I am Tope and this is my story: “I lost my mum at a very tender age and I never got to know her, and it seems all my misfortunes were as a result of not having a mother figure in my life. I grew up with my grandmother and two male cousins (six and […]

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Are you hurting or in pain and desperately need someone to talk with? Someone who will not Judge or Condemn you. Some where you can just pour out your heart and feel lighter?

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