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To listen and be there for those who need someone to talk to. For THE ONE HABITAT it is not just about listening, we patiently let you speak freely as you reassess your thoughts and feelings and or maybe change your desired course, or find more accurate words to express yourself. Things happen in life that are unexpected, undesirable and beyond your control. You don’t have to go through it alone, talk to someone today. Book an appointment today and we will call you. Just Speak, We Listen!

Are you hurting or in pain and desperately need someone to talk with? Someone who will not Judge or Condemn you. Some where you can just pour out your heart and feel lighter?

Then you have found Us. Kindly Click Here and Book for a Call at your Convenience.

Latest Stories

Episode 002 – Katakata

I was totally unaware of all the noise filtering through my window from the streets of Kano, fully focused on the phone call I had been anticipating all day. “Hello!” I said “Hello Tunde!” The lady on the other side of the line replied “I am calling from The1Habitat. You…


It was a beautiful day, with bright skies and birds chirping, Clara loved the way the sun rays filtered through the Windows at the office, at that moment she tried to hide a smile as memories of Ken flooded her mind. She remembered the first time she saw him and…


“What do I do? What do I do?” Ben muttered under his breath with both hands on either side of his head. At that moment he could hear the lovely laughter of Clara three cubicles away from his. It was a slow day at the office that afternoon, and some…