What is THE ONE HABITAT about?
She is a Non-profit/Non-governmental organization registered in Nigeria with the primary aim to provide a listening ear to those in need of someone to talk with, without any form of being judged, prejudice or condemnation. That is why it is mostly done through phone conversations and the services are free. Just a way to contribute to a growing vacuum in our society today.

So far, through www.the1habitat.org/book-an-appointment, we have had numerous call sessions that have been running and we will be sharing some of the cases here just in case you are going through a similar situation and would like to gain insight about the methods suggested for overcoming the challenge or circumstance.

A new episode will come up every Friday, 20:00hrs/8pm WAT/GMT+1 at the blog here on www.the1habitat.org for as long as calls keep coming, which means there will be no end, but regular adjustments and improvements.

We all have encountered similar problems in life, personally, and we know that people are really going through different situations and circumstances, you will be amazed at how many people would rather die silently but for such an initiative.

Our blog already has two stories titled TRIFECTA that we shared on our blog here, capturing the stories in our call sessions. This series will be twisting the genre of the script henceforth.

The direct links to the weekly blog posts will be shared on all our social media handles via Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @The1Habitat.
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We have stories from all our call sessions since inception and we will be dissecting the stories here to provide solutions to anyone undergoing similar challenges and is seeking for solutions.

We have an agreement in our terms and conditions with all of our clients to keep them anonymous but it mentioned that we would be sharing the edited stories on our blog. Even though no one booked or mentioned their real names during calls, we will alter the entire script, changing pet names, gender, location and any other information that could point to the client. Our priority is to provide the best possible solution for anyone going through a similar condition through this series.

We hope you will enjoy the forthcoming stories starting with Episode 002: “Katakata” same time, next Friday.
Let’s give you a synopsis of the nature of the scenarios we have encountered:

We have had a call to a spouse who got tired of cheating, guilt began to play a negative toll and desperation to voice out led to our platform. Talking to a faceless person went a long way in the process of repentance.

A case of a jobless guy who got his girlfriend pregnant. She gave birth and started living in with him. Sooner than later, a second child was born and no marriage yet. The need to talk to someone arose when she abandoned him and returned back to her parents.

Life’s challenges turned someone’s density around through the bitter sting of death of a parent. Situations forced her to relocate to another family house to “survive” and that led to the cousin brothers raping her on a regular basis for year.

A breakup that became unbearable, and the thought of relocating just to be closer to the married man arose. Fear of his wife won’t let her proceed.

A young guy got a job that transferred him to a new city, about 20 hours drive away from the previous location, forcing him to abandon his young kids and wife. The pain every weekend of the distance started causing negative thoughts.

A young student is caught in a dilemma of who to date. A married man, more loving and responsible but sexually active or a fellow student, not interested in sex for religious reasons but rather childish and irresponsible. What does she choose?
And a host of others.
Join us next Friday as we kick start the series.

Thanks for connecting.
Tune in same time next week to our blog here on www.the1habitat.org

The direct links to the blog will be shared through our social media handles: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @The1Habitat

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