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Edo based wife and mother of two (four (4) year old and six (6) month old), Bola is feeling lonely and neglected by her husband. She happens to be a second wife and feels she’s not getting enough attention. One fateful day, she found herself stranded along the road and an “angel,” in the form of a man, named Ibrahim, came along and offered her a ride which she accepted, without any reservations. She couldn’t believe nice people still existed. When the trip ended, they exchanged contacts and not long after she found herself attracted to him. Ibrahim isn’t the talk-at-length on the phone type, he’d rather text. Bola, on the other hand, enjoys talking on the phone, thus she’s always calling. Not long after, Ibrahim stopped showing any care and affection and BOOM, he stops taking her calls or replying her texts! This made Bola sad and the desire to talk to someone and seek advice arose. We asked a couple of questions, during this call session, regarding her marriage and what the future holds for her husband and her? All her answers were positive although she said she is done having kids. “Do you know the long-term consequences of the affair you had with Ibrahim while still married?” We asked. We advised that she does everything possible to slowly withdraw her affection from Ibrahim and she confirmed that she had even deleted his number and blocked him on all social media to avoid the temptation of contacting him, as a means of withdrawal because her conscience no longer feels good about the affair. She is so grateful that things didn’t go sexual between them. We also encouraged her that rather than seek affection outside, she should try adding more spice to her marriage. At this point she said “He spends most of his time with his first wife and I have to manage the little time he gives to me.” We further suggested that she should become more creative at home. For example, cooking different variety of food, specially for him, trying to appeal to his fantasies, thus increasing his desires to be with her. We also reminded her of the need to be cautious not just with Ibrahim but any other relationship outside her marriage as such actions usually boomerang eventually, and the consequences may be paidback on her kids, maybe in the future, if she is not careful. “Oh thank you very much, I’m so grateful. Can I call back if I need more advise next time?” She asked. “Oh yes, of course Bola, that’s why we are here” we replied.

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