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27 year-old Chinasa lives with her single mother. She is the third child, having two younger brothers and two elder sisters who are married. She is currently in a place of despair…
She said, in her words:
“For my age, I am deeply worried because I seem to have no idea what to do with my life.
Just this year, I have attempted suicide twice using pills. The first time I was saved by my pastor who said he felt a poke and decided to drop by; and the second time, I just couldn’t muster the courage to swallow the pills.
My friend felt I really needed to talk to someone even if the person won’t be her and that was when she recommended THE ONE HABITAT.
It took me a while to take the courage to book the call to seek help.
Now here’s my challenge: I underwent a surgery for ulcer 7 years ago and I was advised not to do any heavy work or undergo any form of stress. I dropped out of college after the surgery where I was in my first year, studying Accounting. After dropping out of school, I have tried applying for jobs but not even a single interview invitation ever came my way! I think it’s because I have no tertiary education certificate to back up my educational qualifications.
As it stands, I cannot go back to school now even if I wanted to because at this point in my life, I would have to sponsor myself to school as my mother is no longer financially capable.
As a result of this predicament I sit at home everyday doing nothing. I am tired and fed up! I need a life and something to do.”
With such a delicate situation, the counsel session took some time.
We wanted to be sure that she was indeed fine, and started with asking about her health. Chinasa says she still suffers excruciating pain in her abdomen after 7 years of the surgery.
This came as a surprise to us as 7 years is such a long time! But Chinasa confirmed that she did it in a small local area in Crossriver where she resides. Upon inquiry on whether she has sought better help since the pain began and she informed us that she had indeed done that and the result was that she has to undergo a corrective surgery as there are complications from the first surgery. This report has further heightened her depressive state.
We discovered that she had given going into prostituting a thought, but had also quickly killed the idea.
We inquired about her relationship with the opposite sex, and she also confirmed that her last relationship ended because of her medical condition.
She also currently does not have any close friends and this is part of the many reasons why committing suicide often crossed her mind. She feels really lonely and alone.
Our candid advice to Chinasa is: To get back to school and get an education. This will also give her the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and constantly be in the midst of people; it will, in a great way, help her to suppress the suicidal thoughts.
While we are working out how to assist her with getting back to school, we gave her the assurance that we at THE ONE HABITAT will, from now on, be her closest friends. We will constantly stay in touch through our contact number on WhatsApp and she can always send a text message whenever she feels the need to talk to anyone.
We strongly encouraged her to continue this new relationship with us and feel free to reach out whenever she feels depressed or suicidal.
Talking is therapeutic as you are assured that you are talking to a listening ear.
Chinasa was told never to give up! In us (The One Habitat family), she has found a new family of love knowing that God prevented the earlier suicide attempts because she carries a great destiny in her.
This counsel really soothed and calmed her. She confessed!
She could now open up more and we then found out from her that her father left their mother many years ago and they have no idea where he is till date. That is another deep pain she bears.
Regarding her health, we recommended that she should find a good hospital, like a teaching hospital, that has a Gastroenterologist so her case can be investigated for a possible solution by qualified professionals.
We let her see the beacon of hope in her bright future and the beautiful woman she will turn out to be!
She was indeed happy that she had someone to finally pour out her heart to and promised to maintain this new relationship with THE ONE HABITAT.

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